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3105 Aluminum VS 6061 Aluminum
Time: 2024-03-23
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Aluminum is a versatile metal used in a variety of industries due to its light weight, corrosion resistance, and high strength-to-weight ratio. When it comes to aluminum sheets, two popular choices are 3105 and 6061. Understanding the differences between these two types of aluminum is critical to choosing the right material for a specific application.

3105 VS 6061

3105 aluminum plate, also known as “deformed aluminum alloy”, has excellent anti-rust properties and good electrical conductivity. The aluminum content is 98%. Due to the addition of 0.3% copper element, the electrical conductivity can reach 41%. However, it cannot be heat treated, and its mechanical properties can only be improved through cold working methods.

On the other hand, 6061 aluminum plate is a precipitation hardening aluminum alloy with silicon and magnesium as the main alloy elements and can be heat treated. At the same time, it is also one of the most common general-purpose aluminum alloys. It has good welding performance, high strength and excellent machining performance, making it used in aircraft construction, ships, battery shells, rail vehicles, etc.

There are significant differences in the chemical and physical properties of 3105 and 6061 aluminum plates.

3105 aluminium contains a higher concentration of manganese, which enhances its corrosion resistance and formability.

In contrast, 6061 aluminium contains magnesium and silicon, giving it superior strength and heat resistance.

These compositional differences result in different mechanical properties, making 6061 aluminum more suitable for load-bearing structures, while 3105 aluminum is ideal for shaping and shaping.

The application fields of the two aluminum alloys are also different.

Due to its formability and weather resistance, 3105 aluminum is commonly used in the manufacture of roofing, cladding and insulation materials for aviation equipment, daily necessities, and the construction industry. 6061 aluminum is widely used in CNC lathes, ships, chemical industry, medical, aerospace, ships and automobiles.

Overall, while both 3105 VS 6061 aluminum alloys have unique properties, understanding their differences is critical to selecting the right material for a specific application. Whether it is used for building purposes or structural components, choosing the right aluminum alloy can significantly affect the performance and longevity of the final product, so the appropriate material needs to be selected based on specific needs in the actual application.

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