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A106 Seamless Pipe
Time: 2024-01-23
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A106 seamless pipe is a seamless steel pipe produced in accordance with the American ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard. The implementation standard is ASTM A36/A36M-03a. This standard is suitable for riveting, bolting and welding in bridges and buildings. Structure, as well as general-purpose structural steel quality carbon steel seamless steel pipes, are mainly used to transport high-temperature fluids such as water, oil, and gas.

A106 Seamless Pipe

The grades of A106 seamless pipes are mainly divided into three grades: A, B and C. details as follows

  1. A106-A grade: The chemical composition of this grade is mainly carbon (C) and silicon (Si), and its tensile strength grade is 330MPa. In the ASTM standard, A106-A corresponds to the Chinese standard GB8163 material, which is 10# steel.
  2. A106-B grade: In addition to carbon (C) and silicon (Si), it also adds (Mn). This level of seamless steel pipe has higher tensile strength, reaching 415MPa. In the ASTM standard, A106-B corresponds to the Chinese standard GB8163, which is made of 20# steel.
  3. A106-C grade: This grade of seamless pipe has the highest carbon content, which can reach 0.35%, so its mechanical properties are the best, and its tensile strength can reach 485MPa.

Including cold drawing and hot rolling processes, different production processes are suitable for different application requirements. If you want to know the characteristics of cold drawn seamless pipes, you can click here to learn more. ——→ Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes

In addition, when selecting A106 seamless pipe, users need to determine the appropriate grade based on actual application requirements. For example, if higher tensile strength and high temperature resistance are required, you may be more inclined to choose grade A106-C, while if the material requirements are not very high, grade A106-A or grade A106-B may be sufficient. .

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