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Aluminum Alloy—— 6063, 5083 and 7075
Time: 2023-11-13
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Aluminum Alloy—— 6063, 5083 and 7075

Aluminum alloy is based on aluminum and is considered a light metal material. It not only inherits the general characteristics of aluminum, such as low density (2.63~2.85g/cm3), good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but also has some specific alloy characteristics, which mainly depend on the types of alloying elements added. and quantity. In addition, it also have good casting properties and plastic processing properties. These properties make aluminum alloys advantageous in many applications that require high-strength, lightweight materials. This article mainly explains 6063, 5083 and 7073 aluminum alloys.

What are 6063, 5083 and 7075 aluminum alloys?

6063 aluminum is a commonly used aluminum extrusion alloy material. The main alloying elements are aluminum, magnesium and silicon. It has good mechanical properties, weldability and extrusion properties. Among them, hardness and strength are the main differences between 6063 aluminum and other types of aluminum such as 7075 aluminum.

5083 aluminum alloy is a high magnesium alloy. Its main chemical components include aluminum (AL), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), titanium (Ti), chromium (Cr) and other elements. It has good forming performance and resistance to corrosion. Corrosive, weldable, medium strength. At the same time, magnesium and chromium elements increase the strength and hardness of the alloy, increase the corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy, and make the alloy more durable and corrosion-resistant. It has excellent corrosion resistance in marine environment. In addition, it has good arc welding properties.

7075 aluminum is a cold-processed forged alloy containing zinc, which has high strength, good corrosion resistance and good fatigue strength. 7075 aluminum alloy is machined in the annealed condition and has moderate machinability. It is an excellent material for high-strength lightweight component applications.

In what fields are 7075, 5083 and 6063 aluminum alloys used?

6063 aluminum is an aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy with good mechanical properties and medium strength that can be heat-treated and strengthened. It is widely used in building decoration profiles, door and window frames, pipes and pipes, as well as household products, furniture aluminum profiles, assembly line aluminum profiles, aluminum profile shells, aluminum radiators, etc.

5083 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, and medium strength. It is mainly used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, as well as ships, automobiles, aircraft welding parts, subway light rails, etc. that require strict fire protection. Pressure vessels (such as liquid tank trucks, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers), refrigeration devices, transportation equipment, missile parts, armor, etc.

7075 aluminum is widely used in aircraft structures, aerospace, futures, high-stress structural parts and mold manufacturing due to its easy processing and wear-resistant properties. Because of its high strength and corrosion resistance, it is also an excellent material for lightweight component applications.


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