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Aluminum Circle Plate
Time: 2024-02-17
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Aluminum circle plate are round sheet products made of aluminum material. Aluminum discs are widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, culture and education, auto parts, electrical appliances, insulation, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, aerospace, military industry, molds, construction, printing and other industries. For example, kitchen supplies such as non-stick pans, pressure cookers, etc., as well as hardware supplies such as lampshades, water heater shells, etc., are all made of it.Advantages of  Aluminum Circle Plate:

Advantages of Aluminum Circle Plate:

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, good conductivity, strong plasticity, good appearance, etc.

In addition, aluminum materials are also environmentally friendly and recyclable, meeting the requirements of modern society for sustainable development.

Aluminum Circle Plate

The Difference Between Aluminum Circle Plate and Aluminum Tubes

It is mainly reflected in three aspects, namely shape, use and production technology.

(1) From the shape point of view,

  • Aluminum disc is a round sheet-shaped aluminum product;
  • Aluminum tube is a hollow metal tubular material, which can be square, round or other shapes. It is commonly used in pipes, structural supports and other applications.

al pipe application

                                                                                      Aluminum Pipe Application

(2) Its uses are different:

  • Aluminum circle plate are often used in situations where flat materials are required, such as radiators, decorations, etc. for electronic products. They can also be used for building curtain wall materials, interior decoration materials, parts for automobiles, trains, ships and other transportation vehicles, mechanical parts, electronics, etc. Radiator materials, etc.
  • Aluminum pipes are often used as structural materials, fluid pipelines, radiators, building frames, mechanical parts and other fields.

Aluminum Circles plate 1

(3) In terms of production technology

  • The production of aluminum wafers usually involves processes such as stamping and cutting of aluminum plates;
  • Aluminum pipes are produced by extrusion or drawing, which ensures the uniformity and certain strength of the pipe.

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