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Aluminum Foil Classification
Time: 2024-02-02
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Aluminum Foil Classification

Aluminum foils can be classified as thick

single-zero and double-zero foils depending on the thickness difference, and their uses are also different:

  • Heavy Gauge Foil: Thicknesses between 0.1mm and 0.2mm, also known as heavy-duty aluminum foil, are used in applications where higher strength and stiffness are required. It is mainly used for air-conditioning foils, container foils, architectural decoration and industrial applications.
  • Medium Gauge Foil: Thickness of 0.01mm to 0.1mm, mainly used in some food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic circuit signal shielding and air-conditioning foils.
  • Light Gauge Foil: Thickness is even thinner, generally less than 0.01mm, and is mainly used for light applications such as food packaging, cigarette packaging and electronic light foils.

Classified according to shape

In addition, aluminum foil can be classified according to shape as rolled aluminum foil and sheet aluminium foil, and according to state as rigid foil, semi-rigid foil and soft foil.

  • Rigid Foil: With high hardness and rigidity, aluminum foil is commonly used for structural parts that need to withstand pressure and deformation.
  • Semi-rigid foils: The hardness and rigidity are between rigid and soft foils, and are often used for applications that require a certain degree of strength and plasticity.
  • Flexible foils: with lower hardness and rigidity, they are easy to bend and shape and are often used for packaging and other decorative purposes.

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