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Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes
Time: 2024-01-13
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Cold-drawn seamless tube is a critical component in many industries, including automotive, construction, and oil and gas. These pipes are known for their superior strength, durability, and precision, making them the first choice for demanding applications. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of cold-drawn seamless tubes and why they’re the preferred choice for many engineers and manufacturers.


  • Cold drawn seamless(CDS) tube is a high-precision steel tube material, which is mainly used in the production of products with pneumatic or hydraulic components, such as cylinders or cylinders.
    It has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish, which can greatly save machining man-hours, improve material utilization, and help improve product quality.

Cold-drawn seamless tube

Manufacturing Process:

  • The main manufacturing method of cold drawn seamless tube is to use drawing, extrusion, perforation and other methods to perforate steel ingots or solid tube blanks into capillaries, and then make them by cold dialing. CDS Tube have strict requirements for specifications and appearance quality, and need to meet relevant standards.

Advantages of cold drawn seamless tubes

  1. High precision: This kind of tube has high-precision inner and outer diameter dimensions, small accuracy error, and can meet various high-precision process requirements.
  2. Smooth surface: The inner and outer surfaces of this seamless pipe are very smooth after drawing processing, which is conducive to fluid transmission, reduces frictional resistance, and improves the transportation efficiency of the pipeline. At the same time, the risk of corrosion and pitting is reduced, ensuring a long maintenance-free service life
  3. Excellent mechanical properties: During the drawing process, the grain structure of the metal is rearranged to improve its mechanical properties, including strength, hardness and ductility.
  4. Excellent corrosion resistance: Made of high-quality metal materials, it has strong corrosion resistance, can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature, acid and alkali, and has a long service life.
  5. High material utilization: Due to the high dimensional accuracy of cold-drawn seamless pipes, the utilization rate of materials can be greatly improved, which is conducive to saving costs and improving product quality.

Cold-drawn seamless tube


  • Because of its high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish, it is widely used in the manufacture of mechanical structures and hydraulic equipment, etc. It can greatly improve the quality and performance of products. In addition, based on its excellent mechanical properties, it can also be used to make a variety of structural components and parts.
  • In the hydraulic and pneumatic fields, cold drawn seamless tube is mainly used to make seamless steel tubes with precise internal diameters for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder barrels. Choosing such steel tubes to make these devices not only reduces machining man-hours and improves material utilization, but also helps to improve product quality.


Overall, cold drawn seamless tubes are widely used in many fields due to their excellent physical properties and efficient manufacturing process.

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