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Q235 Steel Classification & Application
Time: 2024-03-07
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Q235 is an ordinary carbon structural steel. Quanshuo Metal Materials’ steel products undergo strict production control and quality testing to ensure the quality of the composition and performance of each batch of steel to meet customers’ requirements for material stability.

You can learn about this material to choose the Q235 steel you need for your project. You can also tell us your needs directly and we can provide you with professional services to help you.

We will expand on the following aspects:

  1. Brand composition
  2. Classification
  3. Is heat treatment possible?
  4. application

Its grade composition:

“Q” represents the yield strength of this material, while “235” means that the yield value of this material is around 235MPa.

Level classification:

  1. Q235 steel can be divided into four grades: A, B, C, and D. These four grades are mainly divided based on the difference in impact temperature. Grades A and B have relatively low sulfur and phosphorus content, while grades C and D have even less sulfur and phosphorus.
  2. In addition, the deoxidation method can use F, b, Z, and TZ to represent boiling steel, semi-killed steel, killed steel, and special killed steel respectively.
  3. Among them, Grade A and Grade B steel have three deoxidation methods: F, B and Z. Grade C steel only has killed steel, while Grade D steel only has special killed steel.

Quanshuo Metal Materials can provide customers with customized sizes and shapes of Q235 steel to meet the specific needs of different projects, including hot rolling, cold rolling, cutting, drilling and engraving and other processing services.

Heat treatment:

Normally, this kind of carbon steel is used directly without heat treatment, and its quenching temperature is 950°C.


Q235 carbon steel is often used to make grinding tool handles, hot-rolled smooth round steel bars, formwork, steel pipes, etc. It has good plasticity, toughness and welding properties, and is suitable for ordinary concrete structures and the construction industry.

However, it should be noted that this type of carbon steel has poor plasticity and toughness and is incompletely deoxidized steel. Therefore, joints of welded structures made of this material are prone to cracks when subjected to dynamic loads. In addition, Q235 steel is not suitable for working at low temperatures, and sometimes hardening occurs.

Q235 carbon steel has low cost and good mechanical properties, making it widely used. Quanshuo Metal Materials will bring you high-quality products, professional services, and rapid delivery capabilities. Come and consult us.

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