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The Difference Between Welded Pipe and Seamless Steel Pipe
Time: 2024-03-13
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Welded pipes are made by bending steel plates or strips and then welding them, and there are usually welding bars on the inner wall.
Seamless steel pipes are made from steel billets or solid tube blanks, which are processed by perforation, hot rolling or cold rolling. They are formed in one step during rolling, so there are no seams on the surface.

Wall thickness and accuracy:

The accuracy of seamless steel pipes is usually lower and the wall thickness is relatively thicker. In contrast, welded pipes have higher precision and their wall thickness is generally thinner.


From the appearance, welded pipes usually have welding seams on the surface, while seamless steel pipes do not.

Raw materials:

Welded pipes mainly use steel plates or strips as raw materials, while seamless steel pipes mainly use steel billets or solid tube embryos.

Performance and price: In terms of performance, seamless steel pipes are usually better than welded pipes in terms of corrosion resistance, pressure bearing, and high temperature resistance. However, this also leads to the fact that the price of seamless steel pipes is usually higher than that of welded pipes because their production process is more complex and the cost is higher.


Due to its characteristics, welded pipes are usually used as low-pressure fluid transportation pipes, such as water and gas pipes. Large-diameter straight seam welded pipes are used for high-pressure oil and gas transportation, etc., while spiral welded pipes are used for oil and gas transportation, pipe piles, bridge piers, etc.

Seamless steel pipes, because of their high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, are often used in fluid pipelines that require resistance to high pressure, high temperature and other special environments, such as petroleum geological drilling pipes, cracking pipes for petrochemical industry, boiler pipes, bearing pipes and High-precision structural steel pipes for automobiles, tractors, and aviation.

Welded Pipe

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