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What Is Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding?
Time: 2024-01-30
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Aluminium composite panels

Aluminum composite panels are composite materials consisting of a layer of aluminum and a layer of plastic. The composite thickness of an aluminium composite panel refers to the thickness between the aluminum and plastic layers, usually expressed in μm.


Generally speaking, the composite thickness of aluminum composite panel can be divided into 3 kinds: PE (polyethylene) aluminum composite panel, PVDF (polyvinyl fluoride) aluminium composite panel and FEVE (fluorine vinyl-ethylene) aluminium composite panel. Among them, the composite thickness of PE aluminium composite panel is about 18μm, PVDF aluminium composite panel is about 25μm and FEVE aluminium composite panel is about 35μm.


Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding

The aluminium composite panel cladding is made of two layers of 0.5mm thick pure aluminum plates sandwiched between PVC or PEC plastic and rolled and heat-sealed. This material has good aesthetic effects and has functions such as heat preservation and heat insulation. Commonly used in applications such as building cladding, interior design and signage.
In addition, aluminium composite panel cladding is easy to construct, maintain and maintain, and has good weather resistance, which can effectively resist the impact of natural environmental changes on buildings and extend the service life of buildings.

Specifically, the structure of aluminium composite panel cladding (ACP cladding) includes:

1. Outer layer: usually two 0.5mm thick pure aluminum plates. For indoor use, it may be thinner, about 0.2~0.25mm.
2. Middle layer: It is a layer of polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 3 to 4mm thick, sometimes it may also be a flame retardant (FR) mineral-filled core material.
3. Adhesive: The special adhesive that holds these layers together ensures the superior strength and durability of composite panels.


Additionally, aluminium composite panel cladding is widely used in residential and commercial property construction due to its durability, versatility, affordability and aesthetic appeal. It offers a wide choice of colors, finishes and patterns, allowing for a high degree of flexibility and aesthetics in architectural design.

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