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What Is Industrial Aluminum Foil?
Time: 2024-01-29
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Industrial aluminum foil is an aluminum rolled material designed for industrial use and has a variety of properties and uses.

First of all, aluminum foil is an aluminum rolled material, usually referring to aluminum products with a thickness less than 0.2mm.

The Aluminum foil classification

According to thickness, aluminum foil can be divided into double zero foil, single zero foil and thick foil.

  • Double zero foil is mainly used for food packaging, cigarette packaging, electronic optical foil, etc.;
  • Single zero foil is used in some food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic circuit signal shielding, air conditioning foil, etc.;
  • Thick foils are mainly used for air-conditioning foils, container foils, architectural decoration and industrial purposes.

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In terms of industrial aluminum foil, it has the following characteristics and uses:

Has good thermal conductivity: it can effectively transfer heat, so it is widely used in equipment and components that require heat dissipation. For example, in electronic equipment, it can be used as a heat sink or radiator material to quickly transfer the heat generated by the equipment to the outside world and keep the equipment operating normally.

Has good ductility and plasticity: Aluminum foil can be processed into products of various shapes and sizes, such as packaging materials, building materials, etc. Its plasticity allows aluminum foil to adapt to different molds and process requirements during processing, and produce products of various shapes.

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Has high strength and rigidity: has good mechanical properties and can withstand large pressure and bending stress. Therefore, aluminum foil can be used as a structural material or reinforcement material in equipment and components that need to withstand large external forces, such as aircraft, automobiles, etc.

In the construction industry, industrial aluminum foil is used for insulation and vapor barriers. Its thermal conductivity and barrier properties help keep buildings warm in winter and cool in summer, while also protecting against moisture. It is also used in the construction of HVAC systems, where its thermal conductivity is important for efficient heating and cooling.

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To sum up, industrial aluminum foil has a variety of properties and uses and is widely used in various fields.

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